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Student Nurse of Beautiful Kids.


I worked on the same ward during the strike and also for my EXAM POSTING. so it was children, children, children all the way.

Earlier this year, i worked at the Neonatal unit where I realised that i won’t like to work with kids. I really can’t stand seeing them in unsaid or unheard pains, some can cry to tell you they’re not fine, while some can’t even cry, yet they are going through a lot. I feel very emotional when invasive procedures are done on these little angels, sometimes it’s as though I am the one getting treated and I just want to walk away. (this is why I still think I shouldn’t consider going into Ped)

Pediatrics is a very important aspect of Medicine and Nursing, it is 100% delicate. You can’t afford to do any other thing asides what is expected and being observant will help you a lot.

Even as much as you want to be done with your daily routine, you spend extra time listening to them when they are resisting care. My God, they say NO to almost every thing but after explanations and negotiations, they relax and allow you do the needful. Don’t be surprised if they are not moved by the negotiations, you still have to find a way especially with the help of their relatives. Children don’t have as mush Pain threshold as adults, that should be well understood.

Appearing to them as friendly is very helpful i think, because they are scared of everything in white, from lab coats to clinic coats to Nurses’ uniforms and etc, they need to know you’re not always there to give injections, set lines or give medications. Giving them handshakes and smiling back when they smile is key, sometimes you can just ask them to give you ‘Hi five’, they love it and even the weakest try to reach your hand for the FIVE.

Having colorful stuff for instance, a colorful Stethoscope or a friendly watch can help alley anxiety. I have a smiley breastwatch and some of the kids want to touch it when they see me, that’s a welcoming sign and we all can be happy.

So far, working with the kids is part of my best memories in Nursing school and I LOVE LOVE every part of it. I will work with them over and over again, if I am asked to.

Best Regards,

-The Ideal Nurse.



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