Nursing Nursing school

From September ’17 Archive.

The Nurse life is one thing I became conscious of recently, as a student, I complain of stress, stress and stress.

Currently, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria is on strike and many students are at home enjoying their precious time resting, trying to read, learning skills, visiting places and of course many are making money.

ME:- Sigh. But for Nursing students in UNILAG, what is the fate of our own PYRUVATE molecules??? Acetyl CoA or Lactate?

No lecturers to teach, yet we are made to stay in the four walls of the hospital, hoping that our instructors come around to teach us as often as they should. We got the information about the clinical posting about a week ago and Yes we already started the work.

Posting was supposed to start on Monday  but for the Sallah public holidays, it became Tuesday.


I came back to school almost noon on Tuesday and of course too late for work, I carried on with my daily activities which involves putting something down in my journal. I was out all day and wasn’t settled back in my room until almost 5pm, yet I couldn’t do all i was supposed to. I still had something else for the next day, I called my friends who were posted on the same ward as I was, they also said they won’t be back in school until Thursday. I concluded that, I will just resume work on Thursday since what I had to do had a time frame attached and trust me it was unavoidable.

On resuming at work on Thursday, everybody came around, the ward was good. About an hour after, I was told to go back to my hostel because according to the roaster, I should be off duty. I got back to my hostel, quickly completed my daily task and rested afterwards.

I resumed work on Friday and continued alternating morning and afternoon shifts and yeah weekend inclusive, this continued until the last week in September. Working with the children was really fun and I learned a whole lot.

Learning to pet children can be really tasking, giving them reasons to smile and rest was the goal and many of the children are responding to treatments.

We encountered some issues with the parents along the way, but we won’t allow that change our attitude towards the kids.

Nursing is caring, caring for all, Nursing is for all.

Live, Love, Nurse…

Best Regards,

– Temitayo Olatunji

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